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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  October 13, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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care of him. >> i first met him when we were working at the college radio station at san jose state. he came in as a freshman, wide eyed. not knowing what to expect. but knowing that he wanted something better. >> i knew damian when he was a student starting out in journalism. showing a great deal of promise and a lot of energy. >> when he talked, people would shut up and listen. because he was able to articulate what his family was going through. and what people in his community were freeing to detrying to dea. and what were important issues we should be writing about. >> he was the most persistent of all of the -- all of the san jose state seniors in journalism who were seeking a an internship. but he knew -- that he wasn't going to give up. >> the fact that really stuck out for me, he would go after really tough stories. sometimes potentially dangerous stories. he felt there was a community need to expose some things.
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>> we had a show, we called our self, brown berets of the airwaves. we pushed the button, we pushed the envelope a lot. but in doing these interviews on the radio, i started enjoying what that looked like. i fell in love with the microphone. >> we actually worked to establish fraternity on campus at san jose state. we invited everyone in. just happened, all the guys that started were all latinos. it was a way for us to -- to build a support structure, because you know it was some what lacking on campus at that point. so we fog yerd no one else is going to help us. why don't we kind of get together and help ourselves. >> loans, you know, grants. cal grant. pell grant. you name it. i applied for it. djing on weekend. my family, my mom, sisters, brothers, would send me money. >> they didn't have a car to give him. so he had a bike. they bought him a bike. so every time it rained, my mom would -- she would say he is
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getting wet. he is getting wet. so that makes me kind of emotional because he was getting wet. and then afterward my mom cried. they got him a car. >> there were strong consequences for us if i failed in school. if i failed in school, the consequences were i would go back in the fields. and it scared the living day lights out of me. [ speaking spanish ] >> my dad always told me -- you are the girl. you are not going to go to school. so i had that in my head since i was a little girl. that i was never going to go to high school. and i was never going to go to the university. and then, i was never going to be, someone important. i knew that. but i always wanted my
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brothers -- i always said, so when damian fulfilled that it was like, it was like my dream. he graduated. >> it breaks my heart that my sisters and my brothers, sacrificed their careers for me. she is like my second mom -- but, yeah, they did. he wanted to demonstrate to his parents that the sacrifices they made so he could become educated would give them, give him other opportunities to do things that they could be extremely proud of. and, say that you know, it was worth it. it was -- it -- it was really worth all of the -- all of the time and energy we put into working in the fields to give damian this opportunities.
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there was a time when he was becoming very frustrated. he couldn't land a job. i couldn't find a job in journalism. i have a stack of rejection letters from across the country, saying, you don't have qualifications. yeah, she wrote, hand wrote a letter, to himself, actually a sign actually. he taped it to his bedroom door that said i will be a tv journalist. ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too?
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nine months after graduating, telemundo called, i don't have a reporting position, but a job on assignments desk. person dishes out story ideas. i became a reporter, year and a half at telemundo and been at knt vchv ever since. >> an apprentice reporter first.
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>> it gave me the opportunity, also had a little bit of a label to it. maybe a second-level reporter. apprentice on there. you are still learning. >> unusual for some one to be as good as he was as young as he was. >> i have seen a lot of people try to make the transition from -- spanish-speaking news to english-speaking news. and it's not easy. not just a matter of language. a matter of a culture. >> the first time i heard myself, i said who is that guy? because i didn't recognize my voice. i didn't know i had an accent. here i thought i was a regular american kid. >> i have heard some of the comments, where people will say, gosh, damian is so good for being a mexican. or damian is so good at what he does for being latino. >> i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news.
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>> some one called the front desk to compliment, that reporter damian is getting better now. i'll be sure to let him know. yeah, he doesn't sound like a gang member anymore. >> hello and welcome -- >> in greenfield as a kid, a 12-year-old, i watched the show for no reason other than it intrigued me there was a latino hosting show, which was something that i never saw growing up. >> it makes him feel so proud when nonlatinos are watching his show, a show about the community. latino affairs, nonlatinos are interested. he made his niche, reaching a wide array of audiences, cultures. >> when i was growing up in chicago, when i would look at somebody representing the culture in a positive way.
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damian does that for the mexi n mexican-american community, does that for people of color in general, does that for any cultural group underrepresented in the media or society as a powerbroker. >> i send e-mails to the higher ups at nbc corporate. i said what is our policy on using the word, illegals, illegal alien. started a conversation through the network. the policy was that we do not use words, illegals, the illegals. we prefer undocumented immigrants. >> he is willing to challenge, the upper management, to make sure that -- our community is respected. our, our community its treated with dignity. >> it took the industry a long time to hire people, latino,
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>> i was running for a pageant here for scholarships for college. and damian was a part of the all-latino fraternity at san jose state, set up chairs, tables and get the pageant ready. >> i was volunteering. i saw her. i thought oh, my god, i want to marry that girl. i hadn't met her. my friend laughed. because she was beautiful. >> the first time damian went to meet her parents, her dad being, by trade, a butcher, asked damian if he wanted to see his knives. >> he showed up at my front doosh door, i had five inch heels, he was pretty short. i ended up changing my shoes and put on flats.
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>> -- without heels. [ laughter ] >> i think our culture drives us. and it's -- the values that come with being mexican-american are, you know, we're strong religious background, our faith is important to us, we want our kids to be proud of who they are, and, where their ancestors are from. you need to understand what you read. remember -- yet as children out in field. picking lettuce, so they could get a little feel for what he did when he was a child. >> and what he did for the farm workers. >> si. >> si se puede.
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>> he wasn't a flashy guy, got to grab the camera light, be a star. he is a very steady, dedicated, journalist. >> to me, i am proud. real proud of him. damian. >> we know he has come from the community. everything is possible. >> he is an asset to american journali journalism. >> there are not too many families like the trujillo family. they're all solid representatives of not only their culture, what their parents taught them, but they're fine americans. >> i am an american. the flag is outside my front door. i love this country. i was born here. but, you know, my roots are deep in, in mexican culture. i don't hide that. and i tout it. but i am a proud american. >> why does anybody need to hear a damian trujillo story? we all need to be encouraged. life is tough. many of us are up against it.
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people don't seem to understand some such the things that our lives bring to us that we struggle with and deal with. it is really great to be able to turn on the television, and see a guy -- who has grown before our eyes, inspired us to keep going, listened to us -- and took our idea and turned them into valuable news stories to benefit the entire community. >> you are in the public eye. you have ability and tools to make a difference. i want to do that. >> i think damian's story is very comb men mon to many peopl. a story of some one that worked in the field. a very cultural story that many people share. >> even when you think that it is dark, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. we have to push, pure until you get what you want to. and it can be done. damian has praufd that. that it can be done. >> i never imagined i would be
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good evening, i'm diane dwyer. we are on earlier than usual because of the stanford-notre dame fbl gaootball game. a live look at space shuttle "endeavour," as it makes its way through the city to california science center. a weird sight isn't it? journey of 15 miles. taking two days. the shuttle left lax early friday morning. at top speed of 2 miles an hour, shuttle controllers are maneuvering through some of the tightest spots on the route, dodging buildings, power poles and crossing the 405. spectacular. stephanie stanton has the latest for us tonight. >> reporter: fans lined the
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streets for it. >> oh, my god, huge. really huge. amazing to see that. this was -- in space now here in eaglewood. >> at top speed of 2 miles an hour, officials continue to navigate the 170,000 pound shuttle, avoiding trees, street lights and buildings. last night around midnight, engineers were faced with one of their most difficult maneuvers yet. getting endeavor across the 405. crews spend hours, transferring to a dolly to comply with department of transportation regulation. this morning midway through the journey, the shuttle made the stop at historic forum in inglewood for a special ceremony. ♪ >> city officials and three astronaut whose flew missions were in attendance with patriotic fans.
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>> endeavor is a true national treasure and i am extremely pleased to welcome it to the new home right here in southern california. >> reporter: "endeavour's" new home will be california science center where officials hope it will inspire future generations of astronauts. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. en the race for the white house, president obama is clearing his calendar for three days we are told to prepare for tuesday night's debate. he used his weekly saturday address to take credit for jobs, in the rejuvenated auto industry. >> more than a million jobs across the country were on the line. not just auto jobs, jobs of teachers, small business owners and everyone in communities that depend on this great american industry. but we refused to throwen the towel and do nothing. we refused to let detroit go bankrupt. i bet on american workers and american in ge nuity, three years later that bet is paeg off in a big way. >> mitt romney and his
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runningmate are both in the swing state of ohio this weekend. romney spoke to a large crowd and hammered the president on china, job creation, and taxes. >> and then, of course, he says he is going to raise taxes, does any one really think raising taxes on anyone helps get more people to work? the president's plan is status quo. more of the same. he calls it forward. i call it forewarned. >> paul ryan was also in ohio today. ryan told voters, in that manufacturing state that the president's china policies have cost the country manufacturing jobs. now, to our continuing coverage of the giants playoff run. the team back in the bay area. back on the field at at & t park this afternoon preparing for the national league championship series. against the saint loop is cardinals. madison baumgartner will take the hill. coming up in a couple minutes.
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comcast sports net's amy gutierrez will join us from the park with more on how the team is gearing up. >> stanford football was in the national spot laegt today taking on notre dame. rest raunlts in downtown palo alto were packed as fans gathered to cheer on the cardinals. in the end the fighting irish came out on top, 20-13 in overtime. crushing. here is an interesting fact about the match up. first time ever the two schools ranked in the top 20 in both football and in academics, melt on the gridiron. the 49ers are moving to santa clara soon. the peninsula getting ready to welcome the team. the store opened and the first permanent store for the team. >> i think it is awesome. beautiful in there. tons of stuff to get the i just love it. >> we just need more of them all
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over, all over the bay area, you know. show that niner pride. the store also features a new stadium interactive preview area, for potential buyers, can sit down in real stadium seats and test out potential views from those seats. hundreds of children every year get a huge smile on their faces thanks to one bay area family. they hand out kris presents to needy families and give out thousand of dollars in scholarships as well. for many, the family is known as santa's helpers. nbc bay area's damian trujillo sat down with the winners of the family of the year. >> reporter: a quiet, yet vibrant community in the heart of the silicone valley. there is not much wealth here. but there is a lot of pride. that pride and vibrancy were challenged in 1983. the levees gave way in the south end of the san francisco bay. and the city was under water.
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>> everything is just ruined. everything. we lost everything. >> it was really hard. really, really hard. and to see all of the poor little kids. >> reporter: judy and her family saw the images from their home and they mobilized. >> we were asked to come out and be santa. ♪ ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming ♪ >> joe put on his santa suit he used visiting shelters and community centers. judy became mrs. claus. and together, they helped bring the hopes back to alviso. >> to see all the poor little kids standing in line to see santa. they had nothing. we left there, you know, the first thing my husband said, oh, gosh, mom, i hope some day we can make enough money to buy them a present. >> the santiagos have been delivering presents for 29 years
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now. four generations are now santa's helpers in alviso. >> when i visit alviso. i hope out. >> part of what we do in the holidays, that saturday. it's fun. >> judy and joe were both single parents. he had four children. judy raised three. and it was not love at first sight. joe coached a baseball team against judy's son. >> i can remember one day, joe came out of the dugout. he was the rival coach. she basically yelled at him. told him to go sit down and be quiet. chased him back into the dugout. >> reporter: the couple later mended fences. >> walked you down the aisle. >> they married in 1975, wagners and santiagos became "the brady bunch." >> we were "the brady bunch" at school. everybody referred to us as "the
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brady bunch." >> tragedy struck the family in 2003. joe lost his battle with an infection that led to kidney failure. >> i was really young when he passed. just coming here -- every year and seeing him dressed up as santa claus and sit on his lap. and we get our own present every year. >> i wish they had a phone up there. i would tell him, you know, just because you are gone, things haven't changed. >> the family continues its charity work, providing christmas presents to 500 children in alviso every year and through santa visits alviso foundation, they began, awarding -- quarter million to date. all to children who still stay in touch. >> it makes me cry. they're all -- first in the family. they go to college.
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a lot of them, and their sib lings are following. and -- they're like my kids. they come and visit. they write me. >> a grandson now wears a red velvety uniform of old st. nick for the kids in alviso. judy stands by kringles' side. no one says they arrived on a sleigh in 1983. perhaps they did. the foundation in silicone valley, recognizes them as the "la familia" the family of the year. ♪ sunset have yourself ♪ >> we will be right back after the break with more news and a live report from att park, where the giants are warming up for tomorrow's big game. first, a look at the bizarre picture of the space shuttle "endeavour," making its way through los angeles. we'll be right back.
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